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How To Become A Member

If a country is interested in joining the HAC for N&P, they must complete the following steps:


1. Notify the HAC for N&P Secretariat or the co-chairs of their intent to join in writing through a senior ranking official.

2. The Secretariat will then send a letter to the new member, which they must sign and confirm their agreement to the following:

  • Participating in HAC for N&P events at both technical and political levels, depending on availability.
  • Raising awareness on 30×30 implementation and HAC for N&P tools and activities.
  • Sharing national expertise on protected areas via the HAC for N&P platform.
  • Informing the Secretariat of the national needs to implement the 30×30.

3. Each new member must officially nominate a HAC for N&P focal point who will attend meetings and share their country’s needs and experiences on 30×30 implementation.

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